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  • Updated Power circuit
  • i2c voltage converter board and new wiring
  • SHTC1 and SHTC3 sensors added
  • mux #1 address changed (to solve i2c address conflict)
  • 2x BME680 removed (to solve i2c address conflict)
  • 1x BME280 removed (to solve i2c address conflict)
  • DHT12 sensors added instead of three BMEx80 (8a)
  • ChipCap Sensor added instead of DHT12 (8b)

v9 - current

v10 - abandoned

  • code optimization
  • trend visualization
  • hardware controls
  • menu options (like format SD card)
  • got some kind of home-made "calibration" tests with resolutions


  • New small density sensor boar
  • AHT10, AHT20, AHT21, AHT25 sensors only
  • exclude voltage conversion (that is why AHT15 is missing)
  • a single sensor on one i2c multiplexer lane
  • Single read for temperature and humidity data for AHT
  • simplified code to support only AHT type of sensors