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DeviceConnectionTypeRH(/t) Sensorseparate t sensor
Air Mentor 2sDigital i2cCapacitiveSHT30
AirRadio A6Digital i2cResistiveDHT12
AirVisual Node(/Pro)Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT30
AtmotubeDigital i2cCapacitiveSHT20
AWAIR 1Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT?0
AWAIR 2Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT30
Green DayAnalogCapacitive


NTC 2kOhm*
HT-501Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT30
HT-2000Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT30
OCRKJ D9Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT20
OCRKJ K6Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT20
NetatmoDigital i2cCapacitiveSHT20
SainSmart PM-P8Digital i2cCapacitiveSHT20
uHooDigital i2cCapacitiveBME280

* assuming model by the appearance

Other devices

DeviceConnectionRH/t Sensor
Xiaomi MHO-C201Digital i2cSHT30
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