Usual procedure

  1. Download similar device firmware.elf
  2. Flash using DirectUSB (Flash firmware using DirectUSB)
  3. Place our device firmware on SD and flash it using standart procedure or Flash firmware using autoexec.ash
  4. Reset.
  5. Restore default settings using device menu


  1. firmware may have different standard names
  2. firmware may have different partitions magic numbers

different names

it just need to rename the firmware of our device to name that use device which .elf is flashed.

example names:

devicefirmware name
Koonlung C75hd121_50.bin
Carcam Smarthd122_50.bin

different magic numbers

that cause need of CRC and magic number hacking using hex editor

  1. our .bin file maybe updated to have alien magic numbers
  2. alien .elf file maybe updated to have our magic number (preferred)

As A result we will have something like

Original Carcam Smart .elf20141028_carcam_smart.rar
Magic and CRC updated20141028_carcam_smart_with_magic_A324EB90.rar