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OCRKJ K6 (similar to KMOON K6 and CAFU K6)

SoCGigaDevice gd32f103rct6

CO2:  SenseAir S8 LP (400–2000ppm Accuracy CO2 ±40ppm ±3%,  Up to 10000ppm extended range) (30$)

PM2.5Plantower PMS3003 (14$)

TVOC (hydrogen and carbon monoxide): Figaro tgs2600 - pdf (7$)


Temperature and humidity: SHT20 (4$)

Accum: LIDIO 3.7v Li-Ion 3000 mAh 963760P (16$)

LCD:  3.5" 320x480 JLT35010A (~10$)

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