Unitechi Ultra Slim USB-C PD Charger 18W

Input: 9v/2A 18W (MicroUSB QC2.0, Type-C USB PD)

Output: 5v/3A 9v/2A 12v/1.5A (Type-A, Type-C)

Charging PowerBank

Using Celbro 18W Charger QC2, (up to 19W issue with high power charging) MicroUSB Input

Using MARAKOKO MA27 42W QC2.0 MicroUSB Input (up to 20.5W power consumption)

Charging iPhone Xs using USB PD Type-c to Lightning


Charging Mediatek Android smartphone with MTK-PE Type-A to Type-C


some charging issue observed when smartphone is powered off. see first 10 minutes trend


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