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USB Power Delivery

USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 2.0,

Apple USB Type-C 29W Charger

Apple iPhone 8

iPhone X

iPhone 7

35% Charge: 5.13v 1.78A (9.1W)

45% Charge: 5.13v 1.68A (8.6W)

50% Charge: 5.13v 1.55A (7.9W)

55% Charge: 5.14v 1.30A (6.6W)

60% Charge: 5.15v 1.18A (6.0W)

65% Charge: 5.15v 1.18A (6.0W)

70% Charge: 5.15v 1.18A (6.0W)

74% Charge: 5.15v 0.98A (5.0W)

75% Charge: 5.15v 0.90A (4.6W)

76% Charge: 5.16v 0.83A (4.2W)

80% Charge: 5.16v 0.66A (3.4W)

88% Charge: 5.16v 0.63A (3.2W)

89% Charge: 5.16v 0.51A (2.6W)

92% Charge: 5.17v 0.37A (1.9W)

93% Charge: 5.17v 0.34A (1.7W)

94% Charge: 5.17v 0.30A (1.5W)

95% Charge: 5.17v 0.22A (1.1W)

96% Charge: 5.17v 0.20A (1.0W)

97% Charge: 5.16v 0.14A (0.7W)

98% Charge: 5.17v 0.11A (0.5W)

99% Charge: 5.17v 0.07A (0.3W)

100% Charge: 5.17v 0.07A (0.3W)

iPad Air

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