Datasheet CN (AOSONG): AHT10-CN-Product-Manual-A2-20201221.pdf

Datasheet CN (local copy): Aosong_AHT10_Chinese_Product_Manual_A2_20201221.pdf.pdf

Datasheet CN (OLD): Aosong-Guangzhou-Elec-AHT10_C368909.pdf

Datasheet EN (OLD): Aosong_AHT10_en_draft_0c.pdf

AliExpress: 1.3$

Sensors test examples: 

Test 1 v5 board in Freezer

Test 4 v6 Saturated NaCl solution

Test 2 v7 room RH12 low humidity

Test 3 v8 Humidity absorber RH12

Test 4 v8 RH12 to RH94

Test 1 v8b Balcony high to mid RH

Test 3 v10a high to low humidity

Test 1 v10b humidity absorber

Test 3 v10b over the water

Test 5 v10b NaCl solution draft

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