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Test Overview

(first ~25 minutes): RH12. Board in a plastic box with humidity absorber with a small fan. No perfect sealing. Not perfect airflow.

(next ~15 minutes): RH23-25. Board removed from the box and fan changed to big (with better airflow). The environment is a balcony with an electric heater and a small open window (in wintertime).

(next ~30 minutes): RH25-70. Wet clothes added.

(next hours): RH70-94. Heater off. Window closed.

Data Files


All Sensors Humidity Overview

Sensirion Sensors Humidity

BME280 vs SHT85 Sensors Humidity

Si7021 vs SHT85 Sensors Humidity

HTU21d vs SHT85 Sensors Humidity

HDCx080 vs SHT85 Sensors Humidity

AHT1x vs SHT85 Sensors Humidity

DHT12 and AM2320 vs SHT85 Sensors Humidity


All Sensors Temperature Overview

Sensirion Sensors Temperature

BME280 vs SHT85 Sensors Temperature

Si7021 vs SHT85 Sensors Temperature

HTU21d vs SHT85 Sensors Temperature

HDCx080 vs SHT85 Sensors Temperature

AHT1x vs SHT85 Sensors Temperature

DHT12 and AM2320 vs SHT85 Sensors Temperature

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