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Tqka Power Bank 10000 mAh KA058-US (37Wh)

Input (MicroUSB): 5v-9v 2A (fast charge with QC2.0)

Single USB Output: 5v-12v (8 fast charge protocols)

Two USB Output: 5v 3A(total)

Fast charge standards

  1. Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 (QC2.0)
  2. Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 (QC3.0)
  3. Mediatek Pump Express 1.0 (MTK-PE+)
  4. Mediatek Pump Express 2.0 (MTK-PE+2.0)
  5. Huawei Fast Charge Protocol (FCP)
  6. Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging (AFC)
  7. USB Battery Charging 1.2 (BC2.1)
  8. Apple 2.4A

Charging Power Bank 

  1. QC2.0 9v 2:55h 33Wh 8900 mAh (~1:00h - 50%, ~1:30h - 80%)
  2. QC2.0 9v 3:30h 44Wh 12000mAh

First charge. 18W QC charger

Fifth charge. 27W QC Charger

Power bank charging thermal photo

Charging phones

3250 mAh Umidigi Z2 Pro (MTK-PE)

2658 mAh Apple iPhone Xs

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