Compatible with SHT2x by address and protocol

by default for modules above pull-up resistors disconnected


AliExpress: 2.5$+2.5$ for shipping

Adafruit HTU21D-F

Amazon: 19$

Sensors test examples: 

v1 draft multiple humidity sensors comparision

Test 1 with SD datalogging 2 mux 20 hours

Test 1 SD Datalog with AHT10 and high humidity

Test 4 v5 High Humidity

Test 5 v5 saturated salt solution

Test 1 v6 balcony RH47-RH50

Test 4 v6 Saturated NaCl solution

Test 5 v6 above water

Test 2 v7 room RH12 low humidity

Test 3 v7 balcony RH15-92 changing humidity

Test 4 v8 RH12 to RH94#HTU21dvsSHT85SensorsHumidity

Test 1 v8b Balcony high to mid RH

Test 1 v9 humidity absorber draft

Test 2 v9 steam in bathroom

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